Tibet Biking

No doubt you will find Tibet to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. But, if just a normal visit in the Tibetan terrain is so extraordinary, then just think how the Tibetan motorbike visit will be. Out of the world- that’s right. Motor biking to even a normal place is exciting; this motor biking tour to the “roof of the world” will be so thrilling that you will talk about this tour even with your grand children. With open roads and White Mountains staring at you from the distance motor bike experience will be second to no adventure experience you’ve ever had.

You will drive on road for days and will bike from cities to cities leaving behind something extraordinary every half an hour of your trip. You will drive your motor bike on the ancient Silk Road, now and then you will come across some lake and some monastery and you can stop at your will if you want to take pictures of some awesome scenery on the way.

You can hire a motorbike from Lhasa or from Kathmandu. Normally Tibet motor biking tour starts from Kathmandu and ends in Everest base camp. It’s better if you ask your agent to arrange some strong motor bikes that will take you through the tour.

Normally the motor bike tour to Tibet takes around 17-24 days. But the duration differs upon your plan and how many places you want to visit and how much time you are planning to pay to a particular place.

Normally there are two ways you can start your Tibet motor biking tour:

  • Motor biking tour starting from Kathmandu:  this tour will you offer more to you just than a Tibet your. It will take you to flamboyant old Kathmandu and its bustling market along with the lust green country sides of Nepal on the way to Tibet. You will bike your way through the friendship highway to Lhasa, where your Tibet tour starts.
  • Motor biking tour starting from Lhasa:  in this tour you will fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa and your Motor biking tour starts there. Though this tour covers most of the Tibetan terrain you will miss the Nepalese country side and occasional stop on the banks of Nepalese river and have fresh coldwater fish.

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